Advantage Ladies & Children

At the heart of the club’s design and operating philosophy are special privileges for women and children.

Well ladies, this one’s for you.  Gone are the days for ‘ladies timings’ its your time to have your own facilities all day long for yourself & the girl-gang.

The Kensington Club

Indoor & Outdoor Childrens’ Play Area

Located on the south side of the main club building on the ground floor overflowing into the sprawling central gardens, this gives easy access to parents while they are at the club playing. Areas manned by our care-takers will ensure the safety of every child in the facility while you are relaxing at the club. With enough toys and games to engage children of all age groups, this will be your child’s home away from home.

The Kensington Club

Separate Ladies Swimming Pool

A fully functional separate ladies swimming pool, which is covered from all sides, will allow the women to swim in comfort without any inhibitions with their girl gangs. With conveniently located shower & change areas and large pool decks, this is sure to become your favourite summer spot.